$10/month or $100/year
Join our club for just $10/month and have access to all our events, discount rates, and all Laci Ministry products and services discounts. 

1. Apply for membership
Send an email of interest to
2. Make payment
Instructions on how to make your payment will emailed to you. Once payment is received, membership is activated and your membership card and code are emailed to you.  
3. Enjoy membership benefits 
Welcome to The Laci Club. Now you are ready to enjoy all our membership benefits.

• Access to ALL Laci Events & Discounted Rates
We run over 50 events per year with at least over 20 events per month. Our events support you in developing all areas of your life; Spiritual, Contribution, Health, Relationships and Personal and Business Development. Some events are closed for members only, and Laci Club Membership allows you to get access to ALL Events. 
With group booking benefits and special offers, you are also eligible for Event Discounts. *See; Laci Events
• Discounts to selected Laci Ministry Products and Services 
Be eligible to discounts for Lacis Life Management Products and Services. We offer over 100 resources that support you in living an overcoming and fruitful life of passion and purpose.  Experience up to 50% at our Flag workshop; 14 Days to Transform your Life.  *See, L.A.C.I.Ministry Products & Services